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From André Malo>
Subject Re: Doco - useful for Apache documentation project?
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2004 13:38:34 GMT
* James Dodd <> wrote:

> > * I18N and charset issues are (basically) not a problem. I'm certain,
> > doco has e.g. problems recoding iso-2022-jp to shift_jis (needed for CHM
> > generation)
> No, it can't do that.  
> > * I'm not sure, if it can generate pages like quickreference or
> > mod/index
> I'm not sure what these things are..  Could you describe them to me?
(and some other)

The files are generated from the actual module files (we're going through
the tree and fetch desired information from the source xml files).

> > * It uses presentional markup, which is bad. We have quite clean
> > generated HTML documents, where the presention is made only via css.
> I don't believe it does use presentation markup.  The HTML generated is
> clean as a whistle, save for

hmm, I saw things like <s> on the doco page (sure one doesn't need to use
it, but you loose a feature).

> > * XSLT is standardized. People don't need to learn yet another
> > formatting language and there's a lot of work already done out there.
> That's definitely true, but at my company we tried a few other similar
> things and didn't find them to be powerful enough.

We do work here quite well with an xslt/python/xalan combo for our live
servers :-) But agreed it's a lot of effort in the first place.


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