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From James Dodd>
Subject Re: Doco - useful for Apache documentation project?
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2004 13:19:04 GMT

> * I18N and charset issues are (basically) not a problem. I'm certain, doco
> has e.g. problems recoding iso-2022-jp to shift_jis (needed for CHM
> generation)

No, it can't do that.  

> * I'm not sure, if it can generate pages like quickreference or mod/index

I'm not sure what these things are..  Could you describe them to me?

> * It uses presentional markup, which is bad. We have quite clean generated
> HTML documents, where the presention is made only via css.

I don't believe it does use presentation markup.  The HTML generated is
clean as a whistle, save for

* a reference to a stylesheet (which does all the styling)
* a CSS class emitted for certain types of table and paragraph

If you're talking about a CSS snippet being in the document itself,
that's because it was put in there with an 'include'.

> * XSLT is standardized. People don't need to learn yet another
> formatting language and there's a lot of work already done out there.

That's definitely true, but at my company we tried a few other similar
things and didn't find them to be powerful enough.

In my opinion, XSLT and XML is very heavyweight for documentation, and
there's only really a benefit if you use a lot of metadata or want to
generate in multiple output formats (which you can do with Doco output
anyway, as it's XHTML and thus transformable).

> * besides some other reasons: we've already switched to XML. It would be a
> lot of effort to switch again to something else.

Well, thanks for your opinions, anyway!



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