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Subject Re: German Translation mod_expires.xml
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 16:35:17 GMT

This one isn't about the translation, but more about the English file's

> <description>Erzeugen von <code>Expires</code>-HTTP-Headern
> nach Benutzerkriterien</description>

has been

> Generation of Expires HTTP headers according to user-specified criteria

in English.

I know this isn't wrong. But is it sufficiently accurate?

HTTP/1.0 provides caching directives via "Expires:".
HTTP/1.1 uses "Cache-Control".

Apache supports both IIRC. (Just checked for my own domain: Yep, it does.)

So would it be reasonable to add "resp. Cache-Control" in this place (and
in others as well, like in the table of contents for all modules (hopefully
this will be
generated from this line as well)?

Regards, Michael

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