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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: UseCanonicalName Off *surprise*
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2003 18:04:54 GMT
1.3.29-dev actually changes the determination of the port value
with UCN off in effect.

The big question is if the client does NOT send a Host
header, and UCN is Off, should the port be the port
number used in the connection socket OR should we use
whatever Port is set to... The current implementation,
which I think is correct, is to use the physical port
number... The intent of UCN Off is to say, basically,
"trust whatever the client sends you, as far as
hostname and port number..." and with that in mind,
I think we should trust what port the client is talking
to in absence of Host (since that is closer to the
goal of Apache's concept of host:port not being the
final or high priority authority).

Also note that what 2.0 and what 2.1 does as far as
ap_get_server_port() with a non-existent Host header
are different... 1.3.29-dev follows the 2.1 logic.

On Dec 19, 2003, at 11:04 AM, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> UseCanonicalName On
> -or-
> UseCanonicalName Off, but the Host: header was missing (e.g. HTTP/1.0)
>   In 1.3 - the host's {ServerName}:{Port} is returned.
>   In 2.0 - the host {Servername} is returned (must include port 
> suffix).
> there were no surprises there.
> UseCanonicalName Off, Host: header provided (HTTP/1.1)
>   The host name header *excluding the host header port suffix * of the 
> request
>   is concatenated to httpd 1.3's Port directive setting or the real 
> port number
>   in httpd 2.0.
> Now this might appear to be a moot issue, but if a proxy that doesn't 
> mangling
> headers bounces requests from port 80 to another server's port 8080 
> attempting
> to impersonate the front end proxy, everything should work, in theory, 
> with
> UseCanonicalName Off.  As it turns out, UseCanonicalName must be turned
> on to avoid the port :8080 suffix from being appended to the redirects.
> Host headers (from my usual clients) do appear in the form
> Host: localhost:8080
> when the request http://localhost:8080/ is sent.  UseCanonicalName Off 
> docs
> state outright that we use the Host: header provided by the client.  
> The example
> above shows that we do not.  But if we correct the behavior, instead 
> of the docs,
> then perhaps users will commonly end up with broken configs.
> So I'm wondering what the consensus is - fix the docs, or the behavior?
> Bill

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