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From Yoshiki Hayashi <>
Subject Re: Translation instruction on web page
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2003 23:18:54 GMT
Joshua Slive <> writes:

>> I was reading docs-project web site and found out this:
>>     We also encourage you to place the name of the
>>     translator in a comment at the top of the file
>> Is this true?  I thought it was not the Apache way to
>> encourage ownership of a file.
> You are probably right.  This doesn't seem to be in line with the Apache
> way of doing things.

Dirk said it's true and obviously there're diffrent
opinions.  I can live with the recommendation but I just
felt odd about it because it's not along the line of Apache
way and nobody is following it.

>> On a related note, I noticed we don't have enough visibility
>> for non-committer contributors.  Can we add a new page or
>> enhance participants section at docs home page at
>> to include them?  I'm
>> thinking mostly about other Japanese contributors but I
>> think there are lots of others in different language area
>> like Michael for German.
> I am certainly not religous about the contents of that list.  It should
> contain anyone who has made significant contributions to the
> documentation.  Anyone who has commit access qualifies, but I agree that
> shouldn't be a requirement.
> If you want, you can create a separate section for translators.  (Or just
> add them in to the main section.)

Here's a tentative patch to add a few contributors to main
page.  I think the web site is lacking the detailed
information about translation so I may come back with
different patch later.  The reorganization of translation
page I'm thinking is:

  Add how to participate in translation
    If there's existing team for a language, join it.  If
    there are committers for a language, send it to is OK.

  Add how to add new language page
    (especially for 2.x because you need to tweak style
    files and build system)

  Reorganize participants list
    List commiters for each language
    Move error message contributor list to this page

Well, maybe I should just write a patch to get across my

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