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Subject Re: German translation of mod_auth.xml
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 11:38:05 GMT

Hi Kess,

> Please review

I tried to view "mod_auth.xml" in one of my browsers, after having
collected the (hopefully) appropriate
files "modulesynopsis.dtd", "sitemap.dtd", "common.dtd" and ""
(all of which are referenced
from this file) from the Apache web site and placing them in a "style"
directory on the same level as the
"modules" directory.
But then, M$IE 5.0 only displays an empty window for "mod_auth.xml", M$IE
6.0 reports an error that this
page cannot be displayed if using XSL, and Mozilla 1.5 reports a parsing
error about the entity "ü".
(Wasn't this last issue supposed to be resolved by specifying something
within some of these DTD files?)
Opera 7.23 displays the 'raw' content of the file, without tags, but
without all HTML entities as well,
which is just unusable for proofreading (as too many letters are simply
So right now, there doesn't seem to be any more convenient method than
reading the XML source code itself.

Regards, Michael

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