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From Astrid Keßler <>
Subject Re: [DRAFT] configure documentation
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2003 22:46:10 GMT
> On Sat, 1 Nov 2003, Joshua Slive wrote:
>> On Sun, 2 Nov 2003, [ISO-8859-15] Astrid Keßler wrote:
>> > at you'll find a draft for a

>> Looks very good.  Here are some comments:

> What every happened with this?  It's in the tree, but it isn't linked up
> anywhere.

> Kess, would you like someone else to pick up the ball, or are you planning
> to continue working on it?

Sorry for the long delay. I'm somewhat busy at the moment with traveling
between two domiciles in two different cities :( I'll definitely


> - How are we planning to integrate this with install.xml?  I assume we'll
> just rip out most of the "Configuring the source tree" section and replace
> it with a link to this new doc?

I'm planning a new directory/chapter "installation". This shall take up
configuring and installing documents for all os, which means a lot of
work to go through the existing documents and reorder them. Some time
ago I suggested this. configure.xml is the first step into this

Imho we should not delete the whole "Configuring the source tree"
section, but shorten it. configure.xml is not intended to be a howto.
The documents install.xml and configure.xml shall complement one
another. The former shall explain how to do it (especially for people
not firm with this procedure) and the latter shall explain, what to do.

> - Since this program is unlike any of the other documented programs
> (apachectl/dbmmanage/etc), it should be made very clear at the top that
> configure is used only in the *source* tree, and that it is not part of an
> installed apache.

Yes, absolutely.

Another idea is, to automatically generate a text-only version of
configure.xml which is distributed together with the source tree.

Thank you, Yoshua and the other, for all your comments. I'll go on
tomorrow ...


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