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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: Help with docs 2.0.47
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2003 22:59:34 GMT
On 17/10/2003, at 12:23, Alan Lord wrote:

> Sorry to be a pain but I can't seem to get my manual to "work" after
> sucessfully installing apache.
> I moved the manual to htdocs/manuals/apache/

You cannot just move the manual directory without adjusting your  
configuration (httpd.conf) since the documentation for Apache 2.0  
depends on some special configuration directives to deal with all the  
available languages. Have a look at the example below. You'll have to  
adjust the locations and paths in the AliasMatch, Directory, SetEnvIf  
and RedirectMatch directives to match your new locations:

     # This should be changed to the ServerRoot/manual/.  The alias  
     # the manual, even if you choose to move your DocumentRoot.  You may
     # comment this out if you do not care for the documentation.

     <Directory "/path/to/your/manual/directory">
         Options Indexes
         AllowOverride None
         Order allow,deny
         Allow from all

         <Files *.html>
             SetHandler type-map

         SetEnvIf Request_URI  
^/manuals/apache/manual/(de|en|fr|ja|ko|ru)/ prefer-language=$1
         RedirectMatch 301  

Hope this helps.


To the docs folks: fwiw but we should have documented this change  
better... nearly the same question hit me three times this week and I  
suspect I'm not the only one ;)

> and now it doesn't want to add ".en" to all my requests. So I just get  
> some
> references at the top of each page like this:
> ===============================================Top of Browser
> Window====================================
> URI: directive-dict.html.en Content-Language: en Content-type:  
> text/html;
> charset=ISO-8859-1 URI: directive-dict.html.ja.jis Content-Language: ja
> Content-type: text/html; charset=ISO-2022-JP URI:
> directive-dict.html.ko.euc-kr Content-Language: ko Content-type:  
> text/html;
> charset=EUC-KR
> ===============================================End===================== 
> =====
> ========================
> URL was:
> dict.html#Descriptio
> n
> I've re-extracted my source and copied "cp -a" all of  .../doc/docroot  
> and
> .../doc/manual to the right places but it still does the same thing.
> How can I fix this please?
> Thanks
> Al
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