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From Yoshiki Hayashi <>
Subject Re: ja translation new comer
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2003 20:02:50 GMT
Tetsuya Kitahata <> writes:

>> Japanese translation is mostly done on Japanese counterpart
>> of docs mailing list.  You can find the information at
> Looked at it. BTW, "is mostly done"? or "had been mostly done"? :-)

It has been mostly done and will be done unless many new
contributors more fluent in English than in Japanese
participate in the project.

> If the patch mails won't come to this list, how can
> we measure their (translators') efforts?

They are credited in CVS commit logs.  Even if the
dicussions were on this list, you can't evaluate the
contribution from each person unless you speak Japanese.  If
you don't understand the translation, then the only
criterion you have is the amount of lines of translation.
It's like judging source code contribution by the lines of
code someone has written.

> Okay, i think you will make me a committer in this project
> when you feel they (nag mails) would be beyond your power :-)

I'm sorry to say this but you have to earn respect in this
community to be a committer.  Being a committer in Jakarta
project doesn't automatically qualify as a committer in
httpd-docs project.  I think the barrier is much lower if
you are a committer in other projects but you still need to
be familiar with the way things are done in the project.

> P.S. Personally, I do not like "task share list". This enforces
> people who have those responsibilities a lot, and at the same time
> discourages people who had no chance to raise their hands.
> (And make them not to raise their hands ... as a result, we lose
> *champion*ships, initiatives -- sad --)
> [PATCH], [PATCH] *nag* *nag* patching style would be more desirable
> and conform to the sublime *A PATCHY* philosophy :-)

It's more like courtesy to others.  It's really a big waste
of time if two people independently work on the translation
of core.xml.  Most of the time, we just go ahead and
translate.  Because only a few people are working on
translation right now, there's little chance of duplicate
effort.  And the all regular contributor has CVS commit
access on, we don't send much mail to the
mailing list.  But we (at least I) do declare the file we
are going to work if we think the cost of duplicate effort
is too high.

Yoshiki Hayashi

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