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From Yoshiki Hayashi <>
Subject Re: Character References for Japanese translations
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2003 20:07:25 GMT
Erik Abele <> writes:

>> That's basically the translator's decision. Though I'd suggest not to 
>> use
>> them, because they blow up the xml source 2 - 4 times (or more). Note 
>> that
>> it's only a *source* issue. Character references are resolved during 
>> the
>> source parsing stage and are inserted as raw iso-2022-jp into the 
>> transformed
>> result. I'm wondering a bit why you want to make such an effort. I can
>> imagine (but I don't know) that's even more simple and efficient to 
>> type in
>> the characters (or symbols, however) directly.
> I'm clearly with nd here; I can't see any reason why someone would want 
> to only use character entities in a XML source which is transformed 
> anyway and I would strongly suggest to *not* use them exclusively in 
> the error doc typemaps because of the increased size (they are not 
> transformed).


The funny things may happen if we insert characters encoded
in iso-2022-jp directly to typemap file but we are going to
use URI keyword to refer to separate file for Japanese
translation, I don't see any need to use character

Yoshiki Hayashi

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