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From Tetsuya Kitahata <>
Subject Re: Character References for Japanese translations
Date Sun, 07 Sep 2003 16:34:38 GMT
On Sat, 6 Sep 2003 20:24:18 +0200
Erik Abele <> wrote:

> >> Fortunately, PHP.exe will convert japanese characters into
> >> "Character Mnemonic Entities" easily equivalent to them, it seems.
> > Doh. Same question as Kess. PHP.exe? What do you want to do?
> I think Tetsuya wants to express that one can use a php script to 
> transform text written in iso-2022-jp encoded form into character 
> entities and vice versa, right Tetsuya?

> ...just my 0.02 Euro

Of course, YES :-)
(But ... not *vice versa*. Hey, you can check the reverse ones
using your favorite browser :-)

The best way is using something like "native2ascii" (i think it is
the best way to use native2ascii when thinking of the i18n/l10n/m17n
@ java), however, I am not sure what could be the best tool for the
others to use.

By the way, do you know that you can do the same thing (To know the
number of character reference) by using some HTML editors?
e.g. MS FrontPage :) :) .. by setting "charset" to us-ascii and 
     writing Japanese words to the page. (and see the HTML source)

Of course, I wanted to refer to FrontPage, however, I knew that 
most of the folks here would not be willing to use that...
.... So, I've decide to make it secret :-)


Character References for Japanese translations and for other
Asian translations can co-exist I am sure, however, I was not
sure whether they could co-exist using the encodings peculiar
to their native languages, and it would be a smart way to
deal with the multilingualization.

I think there should be discussions more about this matter.


  Yoshiki Hayashi <> wrote:

> The funny things may happen if we insert characters encoded
> in iso-2022-jp directly to typemap file but we are going to
> use URI keyword to refer to separate file for Japanese
> translation, I don't see any need to use character

If this (separation of the files) is true, I will put
my plus one (and just my 2 YEN :-), too.


-- Tetsuya. (

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