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From Cliff Woolley <>
Subject Re: <Location> vs. <Directory>
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 20:32:32 GMT
On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, André Malo wrote:

> You mean <>?

Hmm, yes.  I actually did look at that page (and its 1.3 counterpart)
prior to writing the guy back and prior to sending in this inquiry, but I
somehow overlooked that part of the page (I found it just now but I had to
read almost the whole page).  And the documentation for <Location> and
<Directory> etc do refer to that page, but not to any particular part
of that page, and the referring link only says to go to that page "for an
explanation of how these different sections are combined when a request is
received" without warning that there are security implications.  I suggest
adding a blurb (especially to the Location and LocationMatch directive
documentation in core.html) that says something like:

WARNING: Use these directives only for objects that do not reside in the
filesystem (such as a webpage generated from a database).  When applying
directives to objects that reside in the filesystem, use <Directory> or
<Files> instead.  See the "What to use when" section of for more details.


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