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From Erik Abele <>
Subject japanese error-docs, was Re: ja translation new comer
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2003 21:31:34 GMT
On 21/08/2003, at 02:36, Tetsuya Kitahata wrote:

> Hello, httpd-document team!
> ... licensing stuff ...

Hi Tetsuya,

I don't want to repeat what others already said about your efforts to 
translate the ASL into Japanese. It's probably a nice start for a 
translation and I understand your (good) intentions but I think that 
you've unfortunately touched one of the most sensitive parts of the 
ASF, and all this licensing stuff has to be handled with great, great 

However, I'd like to welcome you over here at the httpd-docs project 
and 'offer' you an alternative to the license.xml file ;->

Well, on 17th November 2002 Hiroaki Kawai <hawk (at)> posted a zip file as well as an accompanying patch 
(both attached) with the Japanese translations of httpd's error 
documents but unfortunately they never got reviewed properly and 
therefore didn't make it into CVS. There is also a bug report (see connected to 

If you're interested in taking this over, I'd suggest to start with the 
following steps:

a) have a look at the files in and become a bit 
familiar with how the current system works; it's pretty easy and 
there's even a README file (and you can of course always ask on this 
list if you have any problems in understanding whats going on).

b) review the attached translations

c) re-work the attached patch to be able to apply it cleanly to the 
current version of the typemap files

d) send in the results and be happy to have done another piece of great 

Okay, as said above, this is merely an offer, just if you're 
interested... I certainly don't want to push any work on you; I just 
came across this stuff while cleaning up one of my old harddisks and 
had to think of *Tetsuya-san* instantly :)


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