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From Tetsuya Kitahata <>
Subject Re: ja translation new comer
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2003 11:20:11 GMT

First off, I put the translated file encoded in Shift_JIS, it seems
(the previous post to this list). Really sorry.

On Wed, 27 Aug 2003 21:25:39 -0600
Yoshiki Hayashi <> wrote:

> Yes, we need more contributions.  Japanese translation
> project really needs more help.

I see.

> Japanese translation is mostly done on Japanese counterpart
> of docs mailing list.  You can find the information at

Looked at it. BTW, "is mostly done"? or "had been mostly done"? :-)

> It's actually a bit out of date so if you have any
> questions, don't hesitate to ask us.  We don't strictly
> follow the procedure described there.

Okay. Much relieved at it.

> The job most in need is reviewing the translation.  Because
> I'm virtually the only person reviewing Japanese translation
> done by others, there're a number of translations not yet
> committed to repository.  To tell you the truth,
> reviewing is not the very fun thing to do.  There's always
> an ego problem so you must be careful not to upset the
> original translator.  The only time reviewing becomes easy
> is when translation is so good you have nothing to do.  This
> is not often the case, though.  Most of the time, I myself
> have to rewrite some of my own translation because the first
> draft is almost always not good enough.

Haha. I think many lurkers here in this mailing list
can speak up and join to the transalation. And .. okay,
I'll review them, too.

If the patch mails won't come to this list, how can
we measure their (translators') efforts?

> If you'd rather do new translations, that will be fine,
> too.  But don't bark on me if those don't get committed to
> repository in timely manner. :-)


Okay, i think you will make me a committer in this project
when you feel they (nag mails) would be beyond your power :-)

> Anyways, welcome to the project.

Thank you. I am very glad to work (?) with you (ALL).


-- Tetsuya. (

P.S. Personally, I do not like "task share list". This enforces
people who have those responsibilities a lot, and at the same time
discourages people who had no chance to raise their hands.
(And make them not to raise their hands ... as a result, we lose
*champion*ships, initiatives -- sad --)
[PATCH], [PATCH] *nag* *nag* patching style would be more desirable
and conform to the sublime *A PATCHY* philosophy :-)

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