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From Erik Stainsby <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Documentation incomplete: Satisfy directive
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 22:44:52 GMT
On August 12, 2003 03:27 pm, Joshua Slive wrote:
> > the access control is restricted to login auth or the subnet
> > specified, which is the expected result in the first case.
> Hmmm... But that's not necessarily true, depending on the Order
> directive. In addition, I can't understand what such a configuration
> would be useful for.  If you want to deny access to unauthenticated
> users, you would just set "Satisfy all" -- which is the default.

Access is to be allowed to certaiin scripts based on a subnet membership 
( no login popup ) or by login when not in that that subnet.

Therefore, Satisfy any, but require either one or the other, and deny all 

> > It is not terribly easy to find *that* piece of information coming to
> > the Apache site.  Perhaps a Contacts page would be in order ... Hmm?
> This page:
> which is linked from pretty much everywhere, tells you how to
> participate. But we all miss links sometimes.  That's not a problem.

Actually, there is nothing in the great long list of links on the left 
margin which supports helpfully-minded non-core persons.  Mailing lists 
seems a likely candidate, but does not deliver.  Developer Info 
immediately puts off the casual user, and turns out not to provide the 
answer.  In fact, I have not found a link anywhere which *does* link to 
the page you suggested.

A simple path from the top would be very useful.

> Joshua.


Erik Stainsby
Systems Support Technician,
Web and Database Services,
Vancouver Public Library

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