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From "Markus Elfring" <>
Subject Improve documentation for directive "RewriteRule"
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2003 15:51:07 GMT

I suggest to enhance the documentation for the directive "RewriteRule".

Each parameter should be described in a separate section to improve the readability.

1.1 url-new
Please add a link for the complete explanation to the url-pattern.
- How big can the numbers for back-references be?
- List of server variables

1.2 flags
The flag arguments are described in a single paragraph. I would prefer an ordered list or

2. use cases
2.1 redirections to scripts
Please show examples how additional values can be passed to the url-new argument.
A link to a description for the settings (e. g. rights, properties, programming language)
to execute scripts would help.

2.2 content regeneration mechanism
I am very interested in the feature "On-the-fly Content-Regeneration" that is described shortly
in the document "
(The feature "Document With Autorefresh" has got a Perl code example. A similar one might
help for the other use case.)

2.2.1 parameter passing
I'm not sure if one of the following rules would be the solution.
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}   !-s
RewriteRule ^.+          restore.cgi?file=%{REQUEST_FILENAME}   [T=application/x-httpd-cgi,L]
RewriteRule ^.+          restore.php   [T=application/php,env=file=%{REQUEST_FILENAME},L]
RewriteRule ^.+          restore.php   [T=application/php,qsappend=name=%{REQUEST_FILENAME},L]

2.2.2 script execution
Does the apache webserver care about how often this CGI script may
be called for the missing file at the same time?
If it does not prevent that the script is called for the same file in parallel, this check
must be performed by the script as an server application. Each regeneration request must be
put into a waiting queue until the missing file will be created.

2.2.3 output
Why must there be output "additionally to its STDOUT"?
Is it not enough to create a new file with valid content?

Would you like to look at the forum "",
Markus Elfring

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