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From André Malo>
Subject Re: manual/bind.xml french translation
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 18:32:23 GMT
* Vincent Deffontaines wrote:

> Here is a translation into french for manual/bind.xml (starting
> alphabetically seems to be a good way to forget nothing ;-) )

Thanks! But, as Joshua already said, there is the requirement for review.
Do you know another native French speaker who is willing to support your

,> For some reason I am unable to open xml files under mozilla (1.3.1) or
> galeon (1.3.5). It gets mozilla engine to freeze (bug report in progress).
> Maybe someone has a clue about this? By the way does not
> like it when "content type is application/octet-stream" ; does anyone know
> about another online validator that would deal with it?

Ah, hmm. You don't need an online tool, the offline tools are also able to
validate the stuff ;-)
Anyway mozilla isn't able to show XML files directly if they require
external definitions (like character entities).

> By the way, I have not found tools to convert xml stuff to html. Looks
> like the build subdir is not included in the snapshot. So I'll let someone
> of this list convert it, or explain me how to proceed if there is
> somethign I didn't catch :-)

The tools are stored in the cvs repository in the site-tools module in the
httpd-docs-build directory. The tools are mainly written in java (so you
need a java runtime installed) and some less important ones in perl (for
things like metafiles etc).
I've zipped the current build tools online, so you can download them:
<> (about 5MB) (the *.bat files already
contain windows line endings).
Note that they are modified from time to time so you should try to talk to
your admin that he opens pserver for you or something :-) If you want (and
are able) to check it out via CVS, just change into the manual directory
and type:

cvs co -d build site-tools/httpd-docs-build

The zip contains the build directory and just needs to be unpacked within
the manual directory.

Once you got it, just cd into the build directory and type
(on *x):
./ -projecthelp

(on Win32):
build -projecthelp

If it works, you'll get a short description and a list of available build
targets. "your" target will be 'fr' (surprise), but isn't available yet
(will be incorporated soon). So, for building the fr html files, just type:

build fr

(or ./, depending on your system).

If you have perl installed, you should run a

build metafiles

before, otherwise you'll need to modify the metafiles (*.xml.meta)
Other interesting targets include 'validate-xml' (for source files) and
validate-xhtml (for resulting html files).

I've probably forgotten something, don't hesitate to ask if there are open
questions. Good Luck!


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