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From André Malo>
Subject Re: Are there any STRONG reasons to give up MultiView for manual docs?
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2003 13:25:18 GMT
* kajaa wrote:

> We know that, the recent manual docs are now negotiated via type-map,
> instead of MultiView as before. Having met the following problems, I doubt,
> are there any STRONG reasons to give up MultiView for the manual docs?

Not really strong. The main reason is performance (multiviews is slow on large
directories) and a real possibility to get forward/backwards compatible URLs.
For example, we may decide some day to split the languages *really* into
different directories. That's not possible with multiviews. But with typemaps
no problem.

> 1. there are more files in the docs tree to manage;
> 2. for every new translated xml, say bind.xml.zh-cn, bind.html must be
> modified;

The files are automatically maintained with build metafiles :-)

> 3. administrator who is providing the manual docs on his website must adjust
> server config.

hmm, I don't buy that argument. The documentation is alive. But however, the
default config is distributed with a full-working and safe documentation
configuration. It's just a c&p job (in the worst case).


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