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From André Malo>
Subject Re: fr translating newcomer
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2003 00:10:08 GMT
* Vincent Deffontaines wrote:

> Several questions :
> - I saw no french DTD or XSL files? Do i have to start generating them?
> - In a general way, is there some thing more urgent than others I should
> start with?

Beside the fr.xml file, the sitemap is a good candidate to work on, since it's
the base for other transformations, like CHM (MS Help) format.

> - Any doc anywhere about the way to play with special characters, such as
> accents? Anyone having some vim macros for me to hack?

That's your decision. You're using iso-8859-1, so characters like é or ç can
be used in normal 8-bit encoding. Within the actual documents we included the
W3C character entities that are well-known from HTML, so you may use é
and ç instead.

> Btw, I am quite interested to get a SSHed CVS access, as I mostly work
> behind a firewall that denies pserver. For now I have only looked and
> played with the tarballs.

Hmm. AFAICS the tarballs contain only HEAD, which is 2.1. A checkout would be
much better (btw: the APACHE_2_0_BRANCH is for 2.0). Is it possible to talk
with your admin? ;-)

However, fr.xml and bind.xml - are these reviewed in the meantime?


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