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Subject Some notes about .html
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2003 16:58:40 GMT
tells me:
"They are valid in the main server config and virtual host sections,
<Directory>, <Location> and <Files> sections, and within  .htaccess files."

Besides these containers, Apache 2.0 now supports the new <Proxy> container
So what about using mod_headers to "edit" HTTP headers of content that is
being embedded via ProxyPass? At which position inside the evaluation
would <Proxy> appear in this case?

I successfully added headers inside a <Proxy> section, so this might be
added to
the documentation section.
I also successfully removed _certain_ other headers, including the
header (thus masquerading the HTTP response as coming from my own server,
when used in combination with "ProxyVia Block").

When I tried to remove certain other headers as well, this didn't work at
I traced the HTTP traffic of my Apache and saw the (proprietary) header
"Fd-Billing-Info: 0" but couldn't remove this one with "Header unset".
Then I traced the origin server - and to my surprise I found out that this
actually sent headers like "Fd_billing_info: 0" (different capitalization,
underscores instead of hyphens), so that mod_proxy (or some other Apache
mechanism I am not aware of) seems to have secretly "normalized" these
headers in a way that the "Header unset" directive (which works case
and what about matching "_" to "-"?) surely didn't find what it looked for.
After adapting my "Header unset" directives everything went smoothly.

This might be worth some note "for the unwary" in the documentation:
"You need to specify what Apache received, not what you see Apache made out
of it".

Regards, Michael

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