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Subject Add one link from "Listen" directive to Performance Tuning Guide?
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2003 08:50:12 GMT

The Apache 2.0 Performance Tuning Guide

reads in the section
     <h3>accept Serialization - multiple sockets</h3>

"Some architectures do not have any locking choice made, on these
architectures it is unsafe to use multiple Listen directives."

I suggest this is something that should be made more accessible by a link
in the description of the "Listen:" directive
where there are already two "see also" links with similar references.

This would then require the "Performance Tuning Guide" to provide link
targets to the individual sections,
which isn't the case as of now; yet these performance hints look like great
 link targets to me even from
different websites, and from other Apache Documentation chapters as well.
(Example: Some chapter about platform specific installation issues for
Solaris might contain a link to the
"Atomic Operations" section of the Performance Tuning Guide which explains
a "configure" option specific
for the Solaris/SPARC hardware.)

And if "unsafe" is meant to describe some real stability problem this might
 even be worth a warning in the
corresponding directive description, and maybe some suggestion how to still
 achieve the required semantics
(running two Apache servers?).


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