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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Some notes about .html
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 22:30:09 GMT
At 12:11 PM 7/17/2003, Joshua Slive wrote:

>On Thu, 17 Jul 2003 wrote:
>> Besides these containers, Apache 2.0 now supports the new <Proxy> container
>> (
>> So what about using mod_headers to "edit" HTTP headers of content that is
>> just
>> being embedded via ProxyPass? At which position inside the evaluation
>> sequence
>> would <Proxy> appear in this case?
>That section should probably be removed (or shortened) and a reference to
>included instead.  Of course, the sections doc is also pretty short on
>references to <Proxy> containers.  I don't know that code well enough to
>fix it.

<Proxy> shouldn't appear in .htaccess (think about it, if you are mapping to
a proxy you aren't mapping to a server.)

<Proxy> blocks are processed while serving requests in exactly the same
logical 'order' as the old classic <Directory "proxy:..."> blocks were.
That is, after the first pass at <Location>, but before the second section
combines <Proxy> blocks with the appropriate <Location> blocks.

As far as nesting, I cannot concieve of them falling into other <Directory>,
<Files> or <Location> blocks, but of course they must be available within
the <VirtualHost> blocks.

Conversely, any directive valid in a <Location> should be valid within 
the <Proxy> block.  E.g. <Proxy> and <Directory> remain somewhat 
of the same order, with <Location> being more authoritative,
so anything that you would do within <Location> or <Directory> that
doesn't relate to the file system (no file system - we are speaking of
a proxied location) can be placed within a <Proxy> block.

Does this shed any light on your question?  If not would you restate the Q?


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