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From "Vincent Deffontaines" <>
Subject Re: name based virtual hosts and SSL
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 10:45:30 GMT said:
> is telling something
> like:
> "Name-based virtual hosting cannot be used with SSL secure servers because
> of the nature of the SSL protocol."
> Is there any hope that this line might be enhanced in a way that it
> a) adds some hint why this is so, or
> b) links to some source that explains this dependency in more detail?
> And it might also help to add some lines about what one should do if you
> use Name-based
> Virtual Hosting and just intend to run SSL for some of these virtual hosts
> as well.
> Regards, Michael

By the way, name-based virtual hosting *can* be used with SSL under
Apache, provided you use the same certificate for each virtualhost, which
is acceptable under certain conditions (you own a certificate for
*, you build Virttualhosts, etc.).

Probably this is what you meant with your question?

My 2 cents...


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