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From Astrid Keßler <>
Subject Re: removed <br> in core.xml
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 20:59:19 GMT
> On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Astrid Keßler wrote:
>> The directive quickreference is able to handle this. It uses the first
>> line only and appends a + sign. Other formatings are able in the same
>> way.

> Absolutely; but why make each new transformation technique more
> complicated than necessary?

It's really hard to read different default values in one line. I
remember, that I had to read it a second and third time. Imho better
readability is worth that small effort.

>> > Really, the <default> shouldn't contain anything at all other than exactly
>> > what you need to put in the config file to get the default behavior.  In
>> > cases like ErrorLog where the default is not so simple, we should probably
>> > just eliminate the field and discuss it in the text.
>> The overview box should give a _short_ overview. Long (more than one (?)
>> line) descriptions are better placed in the text. So I tend to agree
>> with you to replace long defaults, etc. with "see description". Only, I
>> fear an inflation of "see description"s.

> Yes, I think we all basically agree on this.  It is just a question of how
> strict we want to be.  A couple points:

> 1. I'd just drop the field in this case, rather than using "see
> description".

We have this somewhere in the docs. And I remember that I was wondering
if the directive does not have any default value. Removing the whole
field would give a wrong impression to users just scanning the text. A
"see description" would force the user a little bit more, to read the

> 2. This is an area where we need to work with the developers to assure
> that they don't overload the same directive for too many different uses.
> This particular example (error_log/error.log) is an unfortunate historical
> thing.  It really needs to be error.log on windows because of the
> extension==type issue.  It could also be error.log on unix, except there
> is too much history in the old name, so we need to live with it now.

Wouldn't 2.2 be a good place to switch?


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