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From Astrid Keßler <>
Subject Re: removed <br> in core.xml
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 17:51:31 GMT
> [Back to the list, because I think it is of general interest.]

Your are right, this should be discussed here.

> On Sun, 29 Jun 2003, Astrid Keßler wrote:

>> Joshua,
>> I didn't realize earlier that you removed the following <br> in
>> core.xml:

> [in a <default> entry]

> The immediate reason I did it was because it screwed things up in LaTeX.
> But, of course, that could be solved other ways (by throwing that field
> into a minibox).

> The more important reason is that I don't believe such block-level
> formatting belongs in that type of field.  The reason is that this data
> could be repurposed and used in any number of ways, and this kind of
> repurposing will be much simpler if the formatting is kept very simple.
> For example, imagine that an apache configuration tool wanted to display
> this information.  Or what about the directive quick-reference? It makes
> it much harder to do stuff like this when there is complex formatting in
> those fields.

The directive quickreference is able to handle this. It uses the first
line only and appends a + sign. Other formatings are able in the same
way. I don't want to block <br>'s just because of some tools. It is
realy easy to transform a <br> into a space. But it is much harder to
add a line break at the right place if you want to offer better
readability; we have to support them.

But there is another point ...

> Really, the <default> shouldn't contain anything at all other than exactly
> what you need to put in the config file to get the default behavior.  In
> cases like ErrorLog where the default is not so simple, we should probably
> just eliminate the field and discuss it in the text.

The overview box should give a _short_ overview. Long (more than one (?)
line) descriptions are better placed in the text. So I tend to agree
with you to replace long defaults, etc. with "see description". Only, I
fear an inflation of "see description"s.


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