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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: latex status
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 00:01:02 GMT

On Mon, 16 Jun 2003, Astrid Ke├čler wrote:
> At the moment I'm still fighting with LaTeX to generate the same pdf
> file you did. I'm getting countless warnings and some strange effects
> like page headers overwritten by the first text line. Could it be, that
> I miss something from the cvs or have an old status?

Can you give some examples of the error messages you are getting from
LaTeX?  The warnings are normal (overfull \hbox means that TeX can't
figure out how to fit the text into a line cleanly).

I just realized that perhaps fullpage.sty is not part of most standard
distributions.  If you are getting an error about missing this file, put
this before the \begin{document} in sitemap.tex and remove the

\topmargin 0pt
\advance \topmargin by -\headheight
\advance \topmargin by -\headsep

\textheight 8.9in

\oddsidemargin 0pt
\evensidemargin \oddsidemargin
\marginparwidth 0.5in

\textwidth 6.5in

I'll commit that to latex.xsl when I get the chance.

In any case, I'm very willing to help others to get started with this,
off-list if necessary.

> > By the way, anyone else noticed how 90% of the complications in
> > transforming the docs are in stuff written by RSE ;-)
> If you ask directly - errr... no, I didn't. I'm rarely looking at the
> markup of an xml file, until I have to work with it. And those documents
> are still in my pipeline. :-)
> There are lots of markup issues at the docs. No problem, by the time
> we'll fix them all, document by document.

Yes, and I don't want to imply that RSE's documents are wrong.  They just
tend to be very complicated, with huge tables, graphics, etc.

> Hm, and what will LaTeX do with tables or examples longer than one page?

Typographically speaking, that is a big no-no.  Offset items like these
should not span pages.  When I run into this problem with my own
documents, I manually split the table into two (if necessary calling it
"Table 1 Panel A", "Table 1 Panel B" or whatever).  There are third-party
latex packages like supertab and longtable that will handle multi-page
tables.  For examples, we would need to role our own.

> > I see a few possible solutions:
> > 1. Ignore it.
> > 2. It may be possible to use some kind of environment for <example> that
> > will permit LaTeX to break it between two pages.  But I'm not very
> > optimistic about that.
> > 3. Do our best to shorten or break-up the examples in the xml source.
> Solution 3 is not really one. Shortening examples may make them less
> usefull. And breaking them could lead into other problems. So we should
> ignore it until we find a way to tell LaTeX to break it.

I woudn't suggest breaking-up tables/examples just so LaTeX can deal with
them.  But the presence of very-long tables/examples is probably a
liability for the reader in any case.  A table/example that is more
than one screen in html is probably just as bad as one that is more than
one page in LaTeX.


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