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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: removed <br> in core.xml
Date Sun, 29 Jun 2003 14:40:27 GMT

[Back to the list, because I think it is of general interest.]

On Sun, 29 Jun 2003, Astrid Ke├čler wrote:

> Joshua,
> I didn't realize earlier that you removed the following <br> in
> core.xml:

[in a <default> entry]

The immediate reason I did it was because it screwed things up in LaTeX.
But, of course, that could be solved other ways (by throwing that field
into a minibox).

The more important reason is that I don't believe such block-level
formatting belongs in that type of field.  The reason is that this data
could be repurposed and used in any number of ways, and this kind of
repurposing will be much simpler if the formatting is kept very simple.
For example, imagine that an apache configuration tool wanted to display
this information.  Or what about the directive quick-reference?  It makes
it much harder to do stuff like this when there is complex formatting in
those fields.

Really, the <default> shouldn't contain anything at all other than exactly
what you need to put in the config file to get the default behavior.  In
cases like ErrorLog where the default is not so simple, we should probably
just eliminate the field and discuss it in the text.


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