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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: latex status
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 19:35:52 GMT
Well, anyway, perhaps I was a little too pessimistic in my last messages.
A couple more hours work has gotten me to something I consider relatively
near being presentable (at least as a first draft).

Here is a quick look:
Note that this is around 2.5 MB and 738 pages, so think twice before you

I'm going to attach my TODO list below, and I'll also commit it to the
style/latex/ directory with the rest of the stuff.  It is sorted roughly
in order of priority.  I encourage anyone who wants to play to have a go
at it, and please feel free to fire any questions about either my horrible
xsl or latex in general to me (via the list) and I'll try to help out.
I'm not a latex guru, but I have a good basic knowledge.

If you have a fairly complete TeX installation, you should be
able to generate the manual.pdf above using
cd manual/build
build latex
cd ..
pdflatex sitemap (when it hits an error, press q[enter] to shut it up)
pdflatex sitemap

The whole process takes about 10 minutes on my computer.

-------------- TODO ----------------------------------------------

Some things that need to be done with the LaTeX transforms:

- Finish special pages:
  * module index
  * directive index
  * quick reference
  * faq

- Fix tables

  Perhaps we need to add some xml hints about the size of different
  columns in the source files.  For example:
  <table><columnlist><column width="20%"/><column width="80%"/></columnlist>

- href

  External hrefs should be transformed to \footnote{}s, but it's not
  working at the moment.  It is easy enough just to <value-of> the @href,
  but this won't work because the result needs to be run through the
  escaping routines or LaTeX will barf.

- Images

  A quick search makes me believe that pdftex will not handle gifs.
  It probably will handle png.

- Fix quotes

  In LaTeX, quotes should be like ``This''.  This may
  not be feasible for us, in which case we could simply replace
  " with \texttt{"} or something, so that the quotes are all straight.

- Add hyperlinks for directives and modules (for online use only,
  not page number references).

- Reduce the size of the pdf (both bytes and pages) in any way possible.

- Hundreds of other little problems with presentation, cross-referencing,

- Fix build system

- Cleanup xsl to make it more readable.

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