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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject latex status
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 19:44:43 GMT
Hi folks,

I agreed a few weeks ago to look at xml->latex xslt.

I did a first run at this within a few days, but ran into some moderately
hard problems.  For example:

- Latex is very sensitive about whitespace in some places where xml/html
is not.

- Latex tables are not auto-sizing.  (To be specific, tables in latex
are auto-sizing only if you don't need paragraph wrapping.)

- A bunch of characters need to be escaped (usually with a backslash) in
latex.  This type of search->replace is not xslt's forte.  I have a
workable system, but it is ugly.

The last problem is basically solved; the middle problem might be solved
by including some table-sizing hints in the xml; the first problem may
involve using some tex primitives (latex is written in tex) to eat
whitespace in appropriate places.

Anyway, the other problem is that my time to work on this is very
limited.  I can continue to hammer away when I get a minute, but if I am
holding up someone else who wants to work on this, I'd be happy to hand
over what I have, or to commit it to some scratch space someplace.


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