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Subject Re: Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/docs/manual/mod mod_ssl.xml quickreference.xml
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2003 10:10:52 GMT


>> Hmm. If we consider the sitemap containing references to all files, it
>> should contain that link, too. For example, in the CHM toc, I think, it
>> would be still useful.
> A philisophical question: is a sitemap a list of all "files" or a list
> of all "content"?  I don't know, but I think I favor the latter.

a "map" is something that should "guide" the reader IMHO.
There are of course different shapes and sizes of maps for, say,
the same geological area, but then they serve different purposes,
using different levels of details. Thus, a sitemap should serve
the needs of the visitor - which means that it would help to find
out about this need in the first place.

As a visitor, I would like to have a sitemap that allows me to
easily navigate to the most important pages (where "importance"
is defined by the author and I have to trust him about that - if
I don't find easily what I'm looking for I will try site search
as the next option) - which means that it should
a) have so few entries that I can scan them easily to find out
   what's on offer here and
b) grant me that the pages that I can access directly from the
   sitemap will contain more links to the pages that are to
   detailled to be sitemap entries.
I think of a sitemap as a root node in a hierarchical web, only
that it specifies the nodes in a semantic way that may differ
from the 'directory hierarchy' of the server, e. g. because the
directory tree isn't balanced.
This was the reason why I started building a sitemap on my domain:
I wanted to visualize this tree shape of my site. Thus my sitemap
is represented by some cascaded "<ul><li>" list.

The directories of my site contain hidden information about what's
'important' that my sitemap generator can evaluate.
This information isn't stored within the files visible to the
visitors (but in additional files whose name starts with a "."),
thus I am able to change it without touching these files.
For the apache site, some "sitemap relevance information" might
well be part of the XML structure, as soon as all documents that
would appear in the sitemap are transferred into the XML format.

Actually, I have a sitemap _and_ a list of all files on my domain,
both of which are generated automatically; the latter one is meant
for feeding search engines easily, rather than for human readers.

Regards, Michael

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