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Subject Antwort: Re: latex status
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2003 17:51:03 GMT

> > - Reduce the size of the pdf (both bytes and pages) in any way
> some bytes can be saved, at least for latin1 documents if we'd use the
> base 14 fonts (times, courier, helvetica, and the symbols things).
> The old pdf files that I generated with acrobat web-capture are over 3MB
> uncompressed and 1.4MB compressed.  I have no idea why the pdf
> is so lousy.

Which exact purpose is this PDF file to serve in the first place?

I am far from understanding PDF, but for one of my projects we
generated some PDF version of a changes documentation in different
resolutions (one very detailled to provide high-quality printing,
another one still sufficient for online reading) and the size dif-
fered by a factor of nearly 10 ... for the same content, that is.
So maybe fine-tuning the "output quality" might help here?

And too bad that you can't just serve PDF file easily in gzip-
compressed form, because some browsers (like Mozilla) will then
correctly decompress and display them while others (M$IE with
plugin, at least in the version I have here) tend to choke in
this situation and display an empty file ... sigh.

But then, I am not used to getting a great compression factor for
PDFs anyway, as the language used therein looks like it contains
much less redundancy than, say, HTML.
I just "gzip -9"ed a couple of PDF files here and didn't get any-
where near to a factor 2 of savings. (And things get even worse
when the PDF file contains graphics.)

Regards, Michael

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