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From Yoshiki Hayashi <>
Subject What's wrong with 2.1 mod_status documentation?
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 09:13:50 GMT
httpd-2.1/docs/STATUS says mod_status should be updated to
2.0.  manual/mod/mod_status.xml itself says

    Warning: This document has not been updated to take into
    account changes made in the 2.0 version of the Apache
    HTTP Server. Some of the information may still be
    relevant, but please use it with care.

So I glanced the diff (what I actually did was ediff in
XEmacs) between
apache_1.3.27/src/modules/standard/mod_status.c and

The most notable difference was 2.1 version introduced two
new status flags 'C' and 'I' for Closing and Idle cleanup.
Except that the functionality is almost the same.

It is true that the document itself looks a bit old, though.
There is an obsolete comment mentioning ServerType
directive.  Perhaps 'child' should be changed to 'worker'
since 'child' implies fork/exec.  But other than that,
mod_status file looks fine to me.  Is it OK to change them
(remove <note> about standalone mode and inet mode and do
s/child/worker/) and remove warning at the top of the

Yoshiki Hayashi

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