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From Yoshiki Hayashi <>
Subject [PATCH] Bring 2.1 mod_example.xml up to date
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2003 08:15:56 GMT
Here's a patch to update

I put the updated HTML version at

The most notable difference about 1.3 mod_example and 2.1
mod_example is the location of source code.  It was moved
from 1.3/src/modules/example to 2.1/modules/experimental.

2.1 version has more hooks but what kinds of hook is present
in the module is not documented.  I didn't try to add new
sections in this round.

configure and build part is basically lifted from README
file in the experimental directory.  One thing I'm not sure
about is adding a new module part.  I think you need to add
APACHE_MODULE() line to config.m4 and rerun autoconf from
the top level directory for --enable-myexample option to
appear in configure script.  I didn't modifiy this part
because I haven't verified this myself.  I appreciate
comments from someone more familiar with these stuff.

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