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From Astrid Ke├čler <>
Subject Re: latex status
Date Sun, 15 Jun 2003 22:30:16 GMT
> - LaTeX is not a very flexible system in terms of fine-tuning the
> presentation.  It generally creates very nice looking output, but it is
> not very amenable to saying things like "I'd like it more if this was just
> a little bit more to the left".  That is not to say that fine-tuning is
> not possible, it just tends to require fairly intimate knowledge of
> TeX/LaTeX -- something that I don't have.

hm, ok.

At the moment I'm still fighting with LaTeX to generate the same pdf
file you did. I'm getting countless warnings and some strange effects
like page headers overwritten by the first text line. Could it be, that
I miss something from the cvs or have an old status?

> Easy enough.  I've always hated how the "Related Module/Directives" boxes
> looked (both in html and LaTeX), but I haven't come up with anything
> better.

> As far as examples, one possibility is removing the box and giving them a
> grey background instead.  Any opinions on that?

Hm, no opinion until I've created/seen an example.

> By the way, anyone else noticed how 90% of the complications in
> transforming the docs are in stuff written by RSE ;-)

If you ask directly - errr... no, I didn't. I'm rarely looking at the
markup of an xml file, until I have to work with it. And those documents
are still in my pipeline. :-)
There are lots of markup issues at the docs. No problem, by the time
we'll fix them all, document by document.

> My latest version also substitutes an exclamation mark with a box around
> it when the <note> is a warning.

A good idea.

>> - some vertical spaces are very big at "virtual host examples" (e.g.
>>   page 151)

> This is caused by very large examples or tables.  LaTeX will not break a
> table (or example) between pages, so it forces the table to the next page
> and spreads out the text on the previous page to fill it up.

Hm, and what will LaTeX do with tables or examples longer than one page?

> I see a few possible solutions:

> 1. Ignore it.

> 2. It may be possible to use some kind of environment for <example> that
> will permit LaTeX to break it between two pages.  But I'm not very
> optimistic about that.

> 3. Do our best to shorten or break-up the examples in the xml source.

Solution 3 is not really one. Shortening examples may make them less
usefull. And breaking them could lead into other problems. So we should
ignore it until we find a way to tell LaTeX to break it.

> But my opinion that it is almost ready to go public (as in the
> dist/httpd/docs/ directory), perhaps with a note on the front noting its
> provisional status.

Yes, this sounds fine.

Well, thank you for your hints. They are a good start for me.

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