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From Astrid Ke├čler <>
Subject Re: latex status
Date Sat, 14 Jun 2003 23:35:49 GMT
Hi Joshua,

> A new version of the pdf docs is now online at

> This one seems quite presentable to me.  There are still lots of little
> things to do, of course.  But I'm almost ready to call it an initial
> release.  Feedback is very welcome, and additions to the TODO list would
> be appreciated.  Of course, subtractions from the TODO list would be even
> more appreciated.

well, after a quick view some here are some thoughts:

- I'm not sure about the red color for links. Maybe blue or green would
  be less obtrusive but also eye-catching.
- example boxes are centered, Related Modules/Directives boxes are not.
  It looks a little bit strange when they occur nearby by each other.
  Hm, what about streching the related boxes over the whole page?
- Chapter 'Apache Performance Tuning' contains an apppendix, which is
  well placed there at a single webpage but looks strange in the middle
  of a big document. I have no sugestion at the moment but want to note
  it for later reconsidering.
- the example boxes at URL Rewriting Guide have no border. It this
  intended to be?
- I don't like the arrows in front of the notes boxes. The idea is fine
  but I would prefer another arrow symbol.
- Would it be possible to have an additional page break only between
  chapters, not beetween subchapters (i.e. after each xml-document)?
- some vertical spaces are very big at "virtual host examples" (e.g.
  page 151)

Bah, there are lots of small things to do, as you said. I will stop my
list for the moment. But the document as whole: yeah, I like it. I
wouldn't publish it with big words at the moment, but if someone asks
for it, I would hand out this version.

> - I very much hope that some people are going to give this a try.  I don't
> want to be the only person who knows how to deal with this stuff.

You won't be the only one. Just after I said I want to help you, one of
our server machines ran into trouble. Additionally some other problems
like hunting ants that are trying to take over my home, which is funny
for everyone except myself, kept me from working on tex. But I'm
confident to start soon (in a week or two *sigh*)

> - There is now some stuff I'd like to commit that goes outside the latex
> directory.  This includes
> * <columnspec> entries for some tables.  (If you look at the pdf file,
> you'll note I haven't done them all; but I have done some.)
> * Move the indexes to the end of the sitemap; people tend to look for
> indexes at the end of a book.
> * Some minor markup changes here and there.  For example, there are some
> <directivesynopsis> that <br/>s in places where they really don't belong.
> I could go through some hoops in LaTeX to get this to work, but it would
> be better to just fix the markup.

+1 to all three (eh ... at the last point: to fix markup)


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