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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject Re: when to add to mime.types
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2003 20:10:58 GMT
According to Yoshiki Hayashi:

> +1.  I don't want to see our config file cluttered with lots
> of 'x-' types.  If it is very popular, it should be
> registered as non 'x-' types.  We don't have problem with
> accepting those official types.  If we accept one 'x-' type,
> it would become harder to reject other private types.  It
> will eventually lead to conflicts of private types.  I don't
> think we should spend time discussing which private types to
> keep in our config.  Don't accpet any private MIME type is
> really a good policy, I believe.

Well, there are already lots of "x-" types in the types config.
E.g., audio/x-mpegurl (m3u) or video/x-msvideo (avi).

IIRC those have been voted in on a case by case basis.

Dunno if the .torrent type is already popular enough to justify
its inclusion. Despite the fact that registering a type with
IANA is not that difficult (file out a form, wait 2-8 weeks
and you are usually done).

just my 0.02

Lars Eilebrecht                - Life is what happens to you while          - you are planning to do something else.

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