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From Astrid Ke├čler <>
Subject Re: latex status
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 21:56:34 GMT
> Well, anyway, perhaps I was a little too pessimistic in my last messages.
> A couple more hours work has gotten me to something I consider relatively
> near being presentable (at least as a first draft).

> Here is a quick look:
> Note that this is around 2.5 MB and 738 pages, so think twice before you
> click.

Joshua, this looks really good! Ok, there is still a lot of work to do,
but your draft shows what can be. I'll do my best to understand your
work and help finishing it. (... starting tomorrow. For today one fight
with homesearching ants is really enough for me. *grrr* Who told them I
would invite them to join my home?)

> -------------- TODO ----------------------------------------------

> Some things that need to be done with the LaTeX transforms:

Some things may be adapted from nd's research with fop (e.g. collecting
external links for footnotes). nd, would you mind to place your build
process somewhere to allow anyone to adopt from you?

> - Reduce the size of the pdf (both bytes and pages) in any way possible.

The pkzipped pdf file has a size of 1.8 MB. PDF files created with
Acrobat can't usually be compressed to smaller size, so there should be
some possibility to reduce the file size. Reducing the number of pages
won't be very easy. It's a lot of stuff. Imho it is not very important
to save 10 or 20 pages.


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