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From André Malo>
Subject Re: stuck with PDF creation
Date Sat, 10 May 2003 14:31:06 GMT
* Jacek Prucia wrote:

> FOP has opinion of a "decent xml:fo engine". A lot of projects rely on it's
> capabilities (including DocBook XML). This is because from programmer
> perspective it allows (at least in theory) for simple and clean transition.
> Anyway, there's no point in using software that doesn't meet expectations,
> just because "it has cool concepts". Lets just fill some bug reports before we
> actually abandon the idea.

These are all known issues. No need to bother the fop folks with it. They
are currently redesigning and rewriting the whole software in order to
achieve a better (i.e. full) support of xsl-fo. We can easily try it again
later (but probably we won't, since we have a working system then).

It's a pitty, yes.

>> I'd suggest we take the other alternative, that was already proposed by
>> Joshua (?): tex. I'm not familiar with tex (just started to learn ;-), but
>> IIRC here are some people who are. If some of you could create a concept how
>> to represent our docs in tex (or latex macros), it would be fine. I can
>> easily contribute some XSLT, so that we can automate the way from xml to
>> pdftex.
> LaTeX/TeX for document creation is sort of a cannon against fly.

Hehe, maybe. But it's known to work.

> It's big,
> pretty tricky to configure (even with texconfig) and takes a bit to learn.

Just downloaded the Miktex-package for win (took some days over ISDN :).

> On
> the other hand it's just the right tool for the job. You can achieve just
> about any possible efect you could imagine. So if majority of people will go
> for TeX/LaTeX I'll try to help as much as my free time permits.


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