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From André Malo>
Subject stuck with PDF creation
Date Thu, 08 May 2003 22:10:44 GMT

PDF creation (for print and big ones like the CHM files) is an outstanding
issue, which I hoped to solve with the fop processor. After a lot of tests
and trials I think the results are not sufficient for us at the current
state of the software.

The processor supports just a small subset of the XSL-FO recommendation;
some of the missing things are just annonying and require manual workarounds
(e.g. no auto table layout), some things are not possible (handling orphans,
widows etc). Font handling seems also not sufficient to me.
(And I believe it would not be able to create a big PDF file, because of
"out of memory" or "burning CPU").

I'd suggest we take the other alternative, that was already proposed by
Joshua (?): tex. I'm not familiar with tex (just started to learn ;-), but
IIRC here are some people who are. If some of you could create a concept how
to represent our docs in tex (or latex macros), it would be fine. I can
easily contribute some XSLT, so that we can automate the way from xml to

That's the current state. Comments, opinions, suggestions etc are, of
course, desired.

print "Just Another Perl Hacker";

# André Malo, <> #

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