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From André Malo>
Subject Re: CHM files 2.0.46
Date Fri, 23 May 2003 01:20:31 GMT
* Joshua Slive wrote:

> Personally, I'm not too concerned with matching docs releases exactly to
> code releases.  People can easily use later docs releases with earlier
> versions of 2.0, as long as they pay attention to the "compatibility"
> notes.  So I'd say we just release these whenever we feel like it (but
> include the most recent version number to give some idea of time-frame).

I don't have a strong opinion about it. From the user's view it just may be
more "naturally" to download a docs offline package for a particular
version. (though I'd provide also only the most recent version, of course).

By the way, what do you think about localized HTML offline packages?
(httpd-docs-x.y.z.$lang.tar.gz)? Creation is probably trivial, because we
can adapt concepts/code from the chm creation stuff and build it easily with
ant. Would such packages be useful in any way?

> 2. We don't want to give the impression that if you want docs, you need to
> download them separately.

Good point. That's true.

> The docs are included with the source (at least
> for now; we may want to change that at some point).  I would support
> putting a link on the main manual index page
> to the mirror listing

Sounds reasonable. Cool suggestion for the link text, anyone? ;-)

> [...] weiß jemand zufällig, was der Tag DIV ausgeschrieben bedeutet?
DIVerses. Benannt nach all dem unstrukturierten Zeug, was die Leute da
so reinpacken und dann absolut positionieren ...
                           -- Florian Hartig und Lars Kasper in dciwam

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