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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: stuck with PDF creation
Date Fri, 09 May 2003 01:00:36 GMT

On Fri, 9 May 2003, André Malo wrote:
> The processor supports just a small subset of the XSL-FO recommendation;
> some of the missing things are just annonying and require manual workarounds
> (e.g. no auto table layout), some things are not possible (handling orphans,
> widows etc). Font handling seems also not sufficient to me.
> (And I believe it would not be able to create a big PDF file, because of
> "out of memory" or "burning CPU").

One possibility would be to create a pdf for each page and then aggregate.

> I'd suggest we take the other alternative, that was already proposed by
> Joshua (?): tex. I'm not familiar with tex (just started to learn ;-), but
> IIRC here are some people who are. If some of you could create a concept how
> to represent our docs in tex (or latex macros), it would be fine. I can
> easily contribute some XSLT, so that we can automate the way from xml to
> pdftex.

Although I don't think it was me who originally suggested this, I do have
considerable experience with latex.  It produces great-looking results,
but is a little bit of a bear to configure and use correctly.  (Packages
like MikTeX make this a little easier.)

The overall idea is very similar to html or docbook, but there are some
substantial differences that could make transformation complicated.  In
particular, tables are really nasty in latex.  The other thing that would
concern me is the multi-lingual issue.  I have no experience in using
latex with languages other than english.  I know it handles latin-based
languages well, but I have no idea about others.

A quick google search shows a couple people have worked on this problem:
xhtml to latex:
docbook to latex:

If we decide to go this way, I will provide what help I can.


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