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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: Antwort: "About the Documentation" (primarily: prerequisites)
Date Tue, 06 May 2003 20:49:14 GMT

[Wrapping up old issues...]

On Fri, 25 Apr 2003 wrote:
> > Is it asking to much to insist people know
> > what an "HTTP status code" is before they read the docs?
> I don't feel you are actually doing this - all you do is
> preparing the user that _if_ he/she continues reading the
> Apache manual without this prerequisit they _may_ experience
> problems because of these terms that _may_ be used in certain
> areas of the Apache configuration (but not in all - you may
> want to make _that_ a little more obvious).

Will do.

> > <p>This document describes the basic purpose of this manual,
> > the assumptions behind it, and provides some links to useful
> > supplementary material.</p>
> What about some link to the RFC 2616 at this point?
> (Maybe you already cover this by the Apache internal links
> - I didn't check that.)

The "project library" should have all the relevant links (although it is a
little out-dated right now; any volunteers to freshen it up?).

> > <li>The manual includes a <a href="glossary.html">glossary</a>
> > defines many of the terms we use.</li>
> In how far can you encourage the reader that he/she will
> find hyperlinks to this glossary in documents that use
> terms described there?
> Do I need to _read_ the glossary, or will I be linked to
> it 'when appropriate'? (Each glossary term has a link
> target, so it _can_ be used this way.) Your document is
> meant to build up some expectation for the reader, and
> this aspect would be one that encourages me to read on.

Having auto-links-to-glossary is an idea in the STATUS file, but has not
yet been implimented.

> (By the way: these glossary targets are used like
>      "<dt><a name="accesscontrol">Access Control</a></dt>",
> thus they display a hovering effect when you move the
> mouse over them, as if they were links.
> Using
>      "<dt><a name="accesscontrol"></a>Access Control</dt>"
> would be the way to avoid this effect, which might mislead
> the reader who currently expects this to be clickable.)

I don't understand why browsers do that.  If there is no HREF, then they
shouldn't pretend it is a link. The empty <a></a> could work, but I
consider that semantically ugly.

Thanks for your comments.


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