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Subject Antwort: Re: Antwort: "About the Documentation" (primarily: prerequisites)
Date Wed, 07 May 2003 10:29:04 GMT

Hi Joshua,

>>      "<dt><a name="accesscontrol"></a>Access Control</dt>"
>> would be the way to avoid this effect, which might mislead
>> the reader who currently expects this to be clickable.)
> I don't understand why browsers do that.  If there is no
> HREF, then they shouldn't pretend it is a link. The empty
> <a></a> could work, but I consider that semantically ugly.

the browser don't actually "pretend" there is a link.

All they are doing is interpret the given CSS definition
that tells them how to visualize the <a> element.

I'm not sure in how far one may already write distinct
CSS code for <a href="..."> vs. <a id="...">; I think
there is a way to do so in CSS2, but the browser support
for this might still be a little sloppy (I believe to
remember Mozilla already supports that, but MSIE? n.d.?).
Still, this would mean it's the author's "fault" then
if he _specified_ the <a id="..."> element to be visua-
lized as if it were a link.

Regards, Michael

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