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From Gordon Stewart <>
Subject Almost fixed : Re: WELCOME
Date Sun, 04 May 2003 11:21:46 GMT
At 10:39 PM 5/4/03 Gordon Stewart wrote:-

>Hi - I'm new to apache
>Please can someone advise the correct email group to join, to 
>get  user-to-user help in setting up Apache..
>Basically, I want index.shtml file to be 'opened' when I view a directory 
>(not a list of  files)
>and also - the shtml to 'include' the files corresly using SSI..
>Ive used SSI etc on other servers - but 1st day here with a Apache

Ok - Ive solved the 'index' problem (it opens the index.shtml file when i 
put a directory in..)

and ive got it on port 80..

Just need to get it to activate / use / parse the SSI commands.

Ps - on a web server (the ones i Upload to..)  if I put an incorrect SSI 
code in, the screen says an error message. However Im not getting any 
errors - it just displays the rest of the HTML - without any errors / the 
parts I want included.


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