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From André Malo>
Subject I18N on daedalus
Date Sat, 10 May 2003 17:33:15 GMT
while testing the headers of httpd-docs, some I18N issues came up. I
think, I'm right here:

I'd like to add

AddLanguage ko .ko
AddCharset EUC-KR .euc-kr
AddCharset iso-8859-1 .html

to the config. It can be easily done via a .htaccess file, but it may be
in public interest, if it would be added to the global config.

(With the iso-8859-1 mapping I'm not sure, how it interacts with the other

nd (please cc replies)
package Hacker::Perl::Another::Just;print
qq~@{[reverse split/::/ =>__PACKAGE__]}~;

#  André Malo  #  #

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