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From Astrid Ke├čler <>
Subject Re: [translations] refinement of cross-language links
Date Mon, 19 May 2003 21:19:12 GMT
It is a little bit difficult for me (as often) to put my mind into
words, because of previous offline discussions. *sigh*

+1 for the cross language links. I'm using them with the 2.0 docs at my
local installation and wouldn't miss them anymore. (And I wish I could
give the neccessary +1 vote to backport this to 2.0, but I'm not a
developer - or could I?)

>> My one suggestion would be to move the available languages section up into
>> the same line as the breadcrumbs (Apache > HTTP Server ...).

> I've also thought about such a movement. That position seems to be good, but
> there are (at least) two conflicts. (1) long breadcrumb paths and (2) the
> sidebar - if the window is smaller, the sidebar coveres this corner a bit.
> ([3]) we may decide to put smaller links there, like [PDF] or whatever, or
> perhaps better: This seems also to be a good place for a link to a feedback
> mail address ...

Same thoughts from me. The space will become lean, if we get much more
translations (I hope so). And the upcoming link(s) to other
documentation formats like PDF have to be placed somewhere too. While
these are small links, it's better to put them at the right side of the
breadcrumb line. So we have not much choices to place the cross
translation links. I want them to be visible at the "head" of the page.
So I'm +1 for the location below the page title.


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