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From André Malo>
Subject [Review] CHM files: en, ja, de
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2003 18:17:05 GMT
As you may have seen, I've added some stuff to build MS HTML Help files 
from our docs. I've build ja, de and en files from the 2.1 tree and 
uploaded them here:

Please test, give your opinion etc.

Some points about the files:

- all menu stuff (except <seealso>) moved into the toc
- external link targets are opened in a fresh browser window
- non-english documents are mixed with english. Not-yet-translated (or 
not-yet-converted) documents are inserted as English and got its own 

Note on japanese version: The characters in the toc seem to be twisted 
somehow, but I cannot really verify that, because I can't read it :)

Anyway, I think, we are now at the stage, that we can create chm files for 
every release and put them into the dist tree somewhere. What do you think?

(work on pdf is going on, the chm fun was a quite good exercise :)

die (eval q-qq:Just Another Perl Hacker

# André Malo, <> #

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