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From André Malo>
Subject Re: New index page layout (suggestion)
Date Sun, 27 Apr 2003 22:43:16 GMT
* Joshua Slive wrote:

> On Sun, 27 Apr 2003, Astrid Keßler wrote:
>> As the subject tells, this is a suggestion for a new index page. My
>> intention for the new documentation start page was, to make it easier to
>> find revelvant documents and to make all documentation pages available
>> directly from the start page or a second index page.
> Thanks for the interesting proposal Astrid.  I completely agree that the
> organization of docs could use improvement.  It is based too much on
> history and not enough on the needs of users.  I could (and probably will)
> argue about your specific choice of categories and the placements within
> them, but the idea is sound.

Agreed; the choice is highly subjective. But I guess, we'd find a good
consensus somehow ;-)

> I'm more concerned about the idea of reducing the number of docs linked
> from the first page.  I like that fact that, at the moment, essentially
> every important doc is linked directly from the front page.  Putting even
> one more level into that will make it much harder for people to get a good
> overview of the docs.

Yes and no. Currently we have the problem, that the user may get the
impression, the start-page-linked documents are *all* available documents.
(At least one user gets the impression - me). In order to avoid that
impression, we can fill up the index page, which is obviously not a real
good choice (aside from the fact, that we don't need a second sitemap :).
Lowering down the noise on the docs entry point seems to be not the worst
idea to me. There's just the problem to find the optimum between "one click
documentation" and unclearness.
I think, if we find better and more granular categories for our docs
(perhaps in conclusion with a restructuring of the files and directories),
that way should be a considerable variant.

All IMHO, of course ...

>I have tried using ErrorDocument 401, but doesn't work.
Oh dear.  What does it do - lounge around on the couch all day drinking
beer and watching TV?            -- "Kash" und Alan J. Flavell in ciwsu

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