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Subject Re: New index page layout (suggestion)
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2003 10:55:31 GMT

Hi Kess,

> After some discussion with nd (thank you for very helpful
> comments and ideas) a new start page has been born:

my first impression is: I would like to have five of these
pages, one for each section being displayed in full and
having the "more ..." links pointing to the four other
start pages for the other sections.
This would provide the illusion of a DHTML effect ("opening"
/ "closing" the sections) while still not making the page
dependent on either frames or JavaScript.

> Every section points to a second index page, containing a list
> of documents at this section. If neccessary, this second index
> page may be grouped by topic like vhosts index page or the
> SSL/TLS index page.

This would make the dialog more modal than now - which is
what I try to prevent by having multiple start page variants
that still offer links to all other areas.

> Well, what do you think? Comments are welcome ...

I would use your page as start page, but links the "other"
entries to the pages I tried to describe above - not to
pages for these areas only.

Does anyone see any sense in such a model?

Regards, Michael

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