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Subject Antwort: Re: New vhosts/index.html - please review
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2003 10:09:55 GMT

Hi Kess,

>> "Namens-basierte Virtual Hosts"
>> I would omit the hyphen here and write "Namensbasierte".
> This was also my first translation, but then I decided to use
> the hyphen to focus on _name_ based in contrast to _IP_ based.


>> By the way, this is a case where the hyphen is okay IMHO,
>> even without translating "Virtual".
> 'Virtual Host' should not be translated. It's a proper name,
> explained in the docs and used very often in german.


> You are right, the hyphen in normal cases are wrong, but in
> this case there must be a hyphen (because of concatenating
> a proper name with other words).

This is why I changed the sequence of words to avoid the
situation where I needed to use a "three component term".

>> "Tiefergehende Erörterung des Virtual-Hosts-Matchings"
>> I would be happy to see some translation of "matching" here,
>> as this line makes little sense for the first-time reader now.
> Hehe, do you have a really good translation? :)
> I do not. So it's better to use the word like a technical
> term, every (real *g*) programmer should know, and explain
> it, rather then cricking the language and the reader's head.

I have some understanding what "matching" may be,
but the word is something like an "operator" for me
and I am missing the "operands" in this line.

When I look into the document you are referencing I read
"This document attempts to explain exactly what Apache does
 when deciding what virtual host to serve a hit from."
And I am wondering whether "matching" really is the best
notion for this mechanism ... what about "mapping"?
(Which notion is used to explain similar mechanisms when
describing the "alias" type directives etc. which also
translate URLs to path names and evaluation contexts?)

What about "Tiefergehende Erörterung der Mechanismen für
die Zuordnung (Abbildung?) von URLs zu Virtual Hosts"?
("In-depth discussion of the mechanisms for mapping URLs
to Virtual Hosts" - this would show me the "operands".)

Regards, Michael

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